Enterprise Email hosting Solutions in Kenya

Zimbra Email Enterprise System

At Tarakilishi Technologies, we understand that Email hosting is your lifeline. Email is the killer app for your business as some will put it. You need more than a reliable, high performing SPAM and virus free Email solution these days.

Your organization needs an Email hosting service at a reasonable cost, with excellent support. We offer you superior Email server hosting, featuring the Zimbra Email service. Compatible with Exchange hosting, it is the best email hosting solution because it is designed to meet the most demanding expectations for an Enterprise Email hosting service.


  • Microsoft Outlook
  • iPhone/iPad
  • Blackberry
  • Android Phones
  • Windows Phones
  • Web Browsers


Our Enterprise Email Server Hosting and Collaboration service features Zimbra, the most advanced and easy to use Exchange compatible Email, calendaring and messaging software available today. The powerful Zimbra webmail client integrates email, contacts, shared calendar, and online document authoring into a rich browser-based interface.

Zimbra also includes Zimbra Mobile, which provides over-the-air “push” synchronization to iPhones, Blackberry, Android and Windows Smartphones. The result is the best email hosting service for knowledge workers in a virtual world.

Zimbra Email server hosting will allow you to:

Achieve Seamless Outlook Compatibility – Provide the Outlook experience your users expect with push Email, PIM, group calendaring, free/busy services, public folders, delegation, and more. Enjoy a rich user experience without Outlook! – Whether you use the Zimbra webmail client, or the optional Zimbra Desktop client (no extra cost), you will have a superior user experience.

Stay in Touch via Mobile Synchronization – Real time synchronization of Email, Calendar, Contacts and Tasks for your iPhone, Blackberry, Android, and Windows mobile device is included.

Reduce your Email costs – Our pricing model results in a high value solution at a lower cost than competing email services.

Experience a Stable Email Environment and Satisfied Users – Keep Email flowing and your pager quiet with our Enterprise class Email server hosting.

Have Postini SPAM/Virus protection – All Zimbra Email service accounts are protected by Postini, a highly effective and widely used filtering service. SpamExperts filtering option is available as a no charge alternative.

Enjoy Best of Class 24/7 Support – We dont switch off our phones.

Zimbra Email service is Outlook compatible, reliable, and cost effective. The service is simple to use and administer. Customers are charged a set fee each month for each Email user. The customer has the freedom and ability to add and remove users, and perform administrative tasks for all users, using a web administration interface which is very user friendly.

It is not professional to use gmail and yahoo mail for official business. If you want to move to enterprise email,or you are having trouble with cpanel emails, or you want to access your office email while at home or on the move, kindly contact us to see how we can help you achieve all that.