About Us

A Little Background

For the past two decades, a lot has happened in the technology world. Many technologies have entered the market. The introduction of computers might be seen as the break-through of our generation. However,it has brought with it numerous challenges, frustrations and confusion.

IT vendors have not done much to help as they have bypassed the IT function of the business ( if there is any) and sold directly to the business function who ignorantly believe all they have to do is to install purchased software and the rest will follow.

As the CEO of your company, what is your take on IT? Do you see IT as a “Cost” or as “Value addition”?

Was your answer “IT is a Cost?”. But is it really your fault when so many promises have gone unfulfilled,money wasted, so many dead-end projects all in the name of IT investments? So what are you supposed to do?

Our Proposal

The best way to change the perception of IT is to deliver “value-added” services; Services perceived as valuable by the IT end user community. If people across the enterprise are consumers of information technology, then the best way is to help them become more productive. Help them become more effective.

How do you do that? By providing “knowledge management” services. Help your staff cope with a technological world where the pace of change is accelerating.

The quickest way to leverage your existing IT investments is by raising the knowledge level and skill sets of those people who use your IT investments. But doing so will require much better communication between IT and the other parts of the enterprise. I suggest you organize your IT information in such a way as to make it simple, quick, and easy for people to access. Provide guidance, advice, and links to pertinent resources. Explain your strategic initiatives to your staff.

We recommend beginning this process by improving the way IT communicates with people both inside and outside of IT. Describe your technology investments using a technology portfolio. Describe, for everyone to see and understand, your IT standards, architectures, configurations, design patterns, etc. Leverage your best and brightest. Share expertise and knowledge. Increase productivity and effectiveness.

Our Promise

We will help you truly understand your IT investments. You will be able to track and report which IT investments succeed and which ones fail?

Who We Are….

We are IT consultants. Our team is composed of a mixture of business and IT experts. Our synergy bring out IT solutions that make business sense; what we love to call “technology for business”.

We exist to provide information to business managers about which systems, applications, and IT products are actually being used throughout the industry and providing adequate support to executive decision-makers regarding overlap and redundancy in IT investments.

Contact us today if you aspire to take your business to the next level. We will help you scale the heights while using IT as your pivot.