About Us


Tarakilishi Enterprise is built on the belief that today's business challenges can be solved using smarter technology solutions.

Since 2011, Tarakilishi Enterprise Ltd has worked with numerous small and medium size businesses across various industries in Kenya to design and develop business application solutions for web, desktop and mobile platforms. We pride ourselves with having a diverse team composed of business and technical experts whose synergy brings out solutions that are not only technically reliable but also make business sense.

We are passionate about technology for business and we use our combined knowledge to make our clients' businesses more efficienct, robust and profitable.

A little Background


For the past two decades, a lot has happened in the technology world. Many technologies have entered the market. The introduction of computers might be seen as the break-through of our generation. However,it has brought with it numerous challenges, frustrations and confusion. IT vendors have not done much to help as they have bypassed the IT function of the business ( if there is any) and sold directly to the business function who ignorantly believe all they have to do is to install purchased software and the rest will follow.