OpenERP in Kenya

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OpenERP 7 is the best thing to happen, since Quickbooks, to SMEs in Kenya!


OpenERP in Kenya.

OpenERP Tarakilishi Technologies

To any business an ERP system represents a leap from manual to new age IT automation. For many years this leap also meant a huge leap with regard to the cost of investment necessary to leverage on the immense power of ICT as a means of improving organizational efficiency. At Tarakilishi Technologies , we pride ourselves in providing IT solutions for the SME and never has a bet on an ERP of the future panned out more than OpenERP 7.

OpenERP is an opensource ERP from the Belgium company TInyErp. The ERP has grown over the last few years from a by the way hobbyist ERP software to the most installed ERP software in the world. We at Tarakilishi have been using OpenERP for the last 3 years, at time when it was full of bugs and modules numbered less than 200. However, we know a good idea when we see one. OpenERP in Kenya is a new phenomenon, in a land saturated with the likes of powerhouses such as Microsoft Dynamics and Sage for the large corporate and Quickbooks for the fledgling SME in Kenya. That is about to change with the coming of age of Openerp in OpenERP 7.0


So whats so good about OpenERP 7


OpenERP 7 has continued with the philosophy of OpenERP 6 of being entirely web based.  The system is entirely built on python and the web front and server end are now completely integrated unlike before.

They have also integrated all the apps into the system such that they are all not semi autonomous as before , but fully integrated in both  data and installation.

But why is Tarakilishi so excited about OpenERP  7

The greatest change and what is exciting us at Tarakilishi is the new features and core modules that have been  added:

  • The new fleet management module.

With the ability to now manage and track all matters relating to your vehicle fleet: Fuel, Repair,Mileage  your life as a manager just became so much easier. The system will ensure that companies can now develop business intelligence on their vehicle fleets and when coupled with the new and improved asset management module, the results will be astounding.

  • Integrated CRM and Accounting Functionality.

These two major modules are now seamlessly connected, such that not only can you see your current business with current partners but you can also tailor your marketing, campaigns  based on the mathematics you picking from your accounts. You cant get more intelligent and pin point than this. Better yet the Email system is no longer rocket science when you need to configure it as before!

  • Payroll and HR system.

The payroll system is the other major beneficiary of the makeover. The system now supports complex Income tax regimes like Kenya’s enabling Tarakilishi Technologies to easily automate your Payroll. The HR system also automates the Hiring process from application all the way to the final offer. You also get automated payslip generation and mailing. The capabilities here warrant a whole post in the future just to cover them all.


These are just but three major changes made to OpenERP 7, but there are so many other minute but significant changes that have made this ERP awesome.

How do I get OpenERP 7 in Kenya?

The beauty of opensource is the relative price associated with procuring the software in the absence of license fees. OpenERP provides this significant advantage to SMEs in Kenya by costing a fraction of the cost of more established ERP systems,yet offering the same in terms of functionality.

Tarakilishi technologies has been on the fore front of providing custom OpenERP implementations to suit all business types for the last 3 years.  We believe that by providing cost effective ERP solutions for SMEs in Kenya we can increase their efficiency and grow with them in strength.


Talk to Us. Yes  NOW!

Are you looking for an ERP system that is friendly to the SME budget yet brings you at par with the major corporates  in terms of Efficiency? Email us and Tarakilishi Technologies will design an ERP solution based on OpenERP that will radically transform your business process.         Tel:  0770 288 896